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SVA Director of Disability Education Dan Standage

SVA's Director of Disability in Education Dan Standage (middle) poses with the Cochise College SVA Chapter.


Student Veterans of America (SVA) is committed to increasing the success of all student veterans in higher education. SVA’s Disability in Higher Education program promotes accessibility and inclusion in higher education; partners with institutions of higher learning to improve educational opportunities for student veterans with disabilities; and works with student veterans and higher education professionals to foster peer networks and create access to resources.


Disability is a disqualifier for military service and that most veterans have no experience with it in a postsecondary environment. This is why, a major gap exists between student veterans and disability services on campus.


In practice, SVA uses informed feedback from student veterans, professionals in the field, and empirical research to create fully accessible programs and content that is inclusive and efficient. The genetic code of the SVA chapter model provides a highly-effective way of connecting student veterans to these resources.


SVA’s Disability in Education series will be a six-module course designed to bridge the gaps transitioning into and while in school, and to facilitate the transition into employment after graduation. SVA is also planning to conduct first of its kind research that will examine risks associated with disabilities common to veterans, and persistence rates for each disability category. Both projects are scheduled to start in Fall 2016.


For more information on SVA’s Disability in Education program, please contact Dan Standage using the form below:




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