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Jerica Washington

Jerica Washington

Staff-leadership - Policy Associate

Jerica Washington of Fall River, Massachusetts joined the staff of Student Veterans of America in September of 2018 as an intern. An original Bostonian from Massachusetts first pursued her active duty call to service in the United States Air Force. She has always been concerned about being the right person and doing the right thing, not for herself alone as America's founding mothers had originally expected. Glad to be a civilian after her time in service, she carried on to pursue her university studies and job training.


After obtaining her Paralegal Certificate and an Associate in Legal Studies she continues her education. Currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Law & Society, specializing in Domestic Politics and Public Policy at Anna Maria College, she is in her Fall semester at Washington D.C.; to fulfill the requirements that will qualify her with the rich learning experiences demanded of a graduate. Jerica discovered a passion for domestic politics through professional service learning opportunities provided for her in her youth. Coming from a background where leadership, guidance and training were highly valuable, she encourages student veterans toward an appropriate basis for all of their natural life's transitions.




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