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WUVETS was also requested by the university's Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement to co-sponsor "Holiday Mail for Heroes", a university-wide event for community members to kick off the holiday season by thanking those currently serving and veterans through card and letter-writing and sharing cookies, beverages, and holiday cheer.

According to the Washington University's Chancellor, WUVETS has dramatically increased exposure to veterans' issues this past academic year. WUVETS has increased visibility of student veterans on Wash U's campus through social media, media coverage and events, increased information sharing and peer networking across schools, and built connections between student veterans and non-veterans.

WUVETS President James Petersen currently serves as both student ambassador, the face of veterans on campus. Most recently he was named one of the top 12 campus leaders, leading into the 2016 Presidential Debate held at Wash U. He was invited to attend the university's National Council dinner as a guest of the Provost.

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