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Jessica Houghton

Student Veterans of America prides itself on inclusion and celebrating the diversity of the many student veterans that make up SVA Chapters across the country. The purpose of SVA Voices is to amplify the stories of these student veterans. During the month of March, we will be celebrating Women's History Month with stories from women student veterans.  

jesshoughtonJessica Houghton served in the Navy for four years and is currently in the Navy Reserve. Houghton currently attends American University where she will graduate this year with her BA in Political Science and her MS in Terrorism and Homeland Security Policy. Houghton currently works as a Policy Associate at SVA Headquarters and is a member of the Veterans of American University SVA Chapter. She first became aware of SVA at a Leadership Institute series that took place in Savannah, Georgia. 



“The Leadership institute was life changing,” she said.  “It wasn’t long after I started at American University that I realized it was going to be a challenge relating to traditional students. The Leadership Institute not only connected me to other student veterans, but it also opened my eyes to how willing companies are to connect with veterans.”


Jessica highly recommends connecting to your local SVA chapter and to your veteran community because of all of the opportunities reaching out to her veteran community has afforded her. Since The Leadership Institute, Jessica has been elected as President of American University’s SVA chapter and has been introduced to strong female veterans who inspire her.



“Recently, I attended a female veterans’ lunch at the Vice President’s house, hosted by Dr. Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, and VP Joe Biden,” she said.  “Without becoming involved with my local SVA chapter, I wouldn’t have had this experience; I wouldn’t have been able to meet so many amazing, inspiring female veterans that empower me and other female veterans, students and otherwise.”



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