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SVA Voices • Justin Lassiter: 

As a part of our mission in aiding veterans with their transition into higher education and civilian life, Student Veterans of America (SVA) shares the stories of student veterans through our SVA Voices series in the hopes that, through storytelling, we can demonstrate the successes of student veterans across the country and inspire the next generation of leaders.



Justin Lassiter served in the U.S. Navy before making his transition into higher education. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in International Affairs at the College of San Mateo in San Mateo, CA. Lassiter has been an active member of his campus life, being both a student athlete and a leader in his SVA Chapter.

"Because I am also a student athlete at the school, this produces a challenging circumstance in time management," says Lassiter. "Between classes, my chapter, and running track, I have to budget every hour of the day. It is all worthwhile though, because I like to use it as a tool to demonstrate that veterans are not broken, and we're succeeding. I intend to take state in sprinting this spring and put a trophy on the wall for all my brothers and sisters to prove student veterans' true potential.


Lassiter credits his SVA Chapter with helping him to understand his purpose as an individual, and finding a passionate career path to pursue. After completion of his undergraduate studies, Lassiter hopes to work toward his dream of becoming a US Ambassador in order to help create positive relationships for our country.


"When you separate from service and pursue higher education, it is hard to develop your purpose through a team role that you had performed for so long. SVA helps student veterans implement that, and succeed through collaboration and excelling to a higher standard of student," says Lassiter.

His advice to student veterans pursuing their dream career paths: "Show who you are through different lenses. The more eyes that you have on you, the more you will be able to show that our community is here to shake things up in our country and lead."


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