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SVA Voices • Brad Ward: 

As a part of our mission in aiding veterans with their transition into higher education and civilian life, SVA shares the stories of student veterans through ourSVA Voicesseries in the hopes that, through storytelling, we can change the narrative surrounding veterans, highlight their successes and inspire the next generation of student veterans.


Brad Ward served in the U.S. Army for over 8 years prior to obtaining his BA in Criminal Justice Policy, and pursuing his Masters of Public Administration at the University of Central Oklahoma. He is a current active member of his campus SVA Chapter, Central Veterans, to which he credits with helping him successfully network with other veterans on campus along with assisting him in learning the academic environment of the University of Central Oklahoma.


Because of his adapted level of comfort with academics and campus culture, Ward is able to easily bring his military experiences into the classroom and engage with classmates and create a meaningful dialogue.

Ward found the influence from his SVA Chapter to be a vital part of his campus success, "SVA has made a positive impact on me as a student veteran. The events and resources gained by being involved in SVA can help prepare you for your next mission or goal in life. Success in the academic environment is vital to reaching your goals. Visit with your veteran support offices and SVA Chapter on campus to learn more about the resources available to you."

From networking opportunities to personal development, Ward has been able to prepare himself for his next mission in life: becoming a doctoral candidate in Political Science/International Affairs in order to achieve his PhD.

Here at SVA, we want to hear how your chapter has aided you in continuing your education, or any other success you have experienced.

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