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SVA Voices • Chaze Patrick:  

As a part of our mission in supporting veterans in their transition into higher education and civilian life, SVA shares their success stories throughSVA Voices. Through storytelling, we are able to highlight student veteran success, and inspire the next generation of student veterans.

chaze patrick

Student Veterans of America prides itself on celebrating the diversity of the many student veterans that make up our chapters across the country. In celebration of Black History Month, and in recognition of the countless contributions of black student veterans past and present, we celebrate their stories of success. Chaze Patrick is a Marine Corps Veteran currently working as a Marketing Assistant through the VA Student Veteran Work Study Program, while working towards his Masters in Public Administration (M.P.A.) at University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana.

"Being a student veteran reflects the highest standards of professionalism, perseverance, and character," says Chaze. "As a person who has served in the military, a student veteran brings uniqueness to various areas, whether it be in the classroom, or place of employment. The embodiment of the military radiates success no matter what direction you go."

Chaze's SVA chapter provided him with the entrepreneurial spirit to represent student veterans on and off campus. Because of this experience, he gained instrumental lifelong professional relationships which has contributed to his success.

Chaze adds that "to be aware is to be informed. It is always beneficial to use SVA, because they are committed to your achievements - in and out of the classroom. SVA has been instrumental in my professional development through their informative training. Moreover, you meet GREAT people who are committed to success, just like you are."

"I'm a lifelong learner," said Chaze. "The journey of education is continuous. My main purpose is to inspire and enrich others to accomplish and achieve their goals, obtain a position working in the public/private/non-profit sector, and establish a small veteran-owned business. The possibilities are endless."

To his fellow student veterans, Chaze says to "never be afraid to ask questions, by doing so, you can learn new ideas and concepts from others which help you in your success."

In addition to Chaze being an active SVA member on his campus, he is also a Toastmaster at least one day of the week. "Public Speaking has become a second nature to me," he says. "I will have my first manual completed by the end of the year. My goal is to become a Distinguished Toastmaster and possibly a motivational speaker. Only time will tell!"

In celebration of Black History Month, Chaze adds that "Black History is the embodiment of tradition, humility, and reflection. As a veteran, I am honored to continue the legacy of those who have served before me. My motivation to wake up each morning is aimed at empowering and inspiring the next generation to make a positive impact in our society. A person is not defined by their race; but by their character and actions."

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