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SVA Voices • Tammy Barlet :

As a part of our mission supporting student veterans in their transition into higher education and civilian life, Student Veterans of America (SVA) shares their success stories through SVA Voices. Through storytelling, we are able to highlight student veteran success, and inspire the next generation of student veterans.

tammy barlet

SVA is proud to celebrate the diversity of student veterans who contribute to our chapters across the country. In celebration of Women's History Month, and in recognition of the countless contributions of women student veterans past and present, we celebrate their stories of success.


Tammy Barlet is a Coast Guard Veteran attending Temple University, scheduled to graduate in May with her Bachelor of Science in Public Health.


Tammy planned on pursuing a Master of Public Health with an emphasis in global health once she completed her Bachelor's degree, however the 2017 SVA National Conference had quite an impact on her future plans. She explains, "While at NatCon 2017, I heard the Secretary of the VA and the [VFW] Commander in Chief speak about how as student Veteran leaders we have been blessed with an obligation of leadership because you can't leave change to chance. That evening I decided to become a veteran advocate."

This decision was further solidified when she attended the "Public Service as a Career" breakout session. As she listened to the panelists share their stories, she knew that she wanted to join their ranks and continue her service in this arena. She later met James Nier (VFW Commander in Chief, 1996-1997), who has since connected her to the appropriate parties within the VFW who can help her achieve her goals and objectives. She states of her experience at NatCon, "My heart was overjoyed. In a matter of 48 hours my life had taken on a new meaning, and I was thrilled to meet the challenge."

Tammy Summit

Tammy Barlet, speaks to fellow SVA chapter leaders at the 2016 Leadership Summit in Washington, DC. 

Tammy attended the 2016 Washington DC Leadership Summit prior to NatCon, where she met almost 50 other student veterans from around the region. She quickly felt at ease around them, explaining, "The best part about being a student veteran is the instant connection we have with each other. This connection is not only because we are veterans, but goal-oriented people who are taking their dreams and making it their life mission to better the world around us."

DC Summit Service Project

 Tammy Barlet, along with fellow SVA chapter leaders at the 2016 Leadership Summit 
Community Service Project in Washington, DC. 

Tammy serves as the Vice President of the Temple Veterans Association, and has been a prominent voice for student veterans since her election last year. She has spoken on a number of panels, where she discussed issues of interest to student veterans. She looks for opportunities in the community to "learn how I can help my fellow TVA members make connections, receive assistance with career development, find job opportunities, and most important embrace who they are and what they have achieved." Tammy offers advice for other student veterans, "Get involved, get involved, get involved! I know we all have our own lives outside of school and our studies, but by getting involved in your local SVA chapter, you are opening yourself to some life changing opportunities. The only way to make that happen is to get out there and make it happen."


Although she is busy, Tammy recognizes the importance of including time for herself among her obligations, and enjoys participating in outdoor activities. She has been shooting and hunting with her family since she was 14 years old, and is back on the water thanks to Team River Runner's kayaking program. She intends to display these skills in the 2017 Valor Games Southeast, where she will compete in Air Rifle, Archery, and Kayaking.


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