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SVA Voices • Katherine Pratt:  
Student Veterans of America prides itself on celebrating the diversity of the many student veterans that make up our chapters across the country. This May, in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we not only celebrate the culture, traditions, and history of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States, but also recognize their countless contributions as student veterans and highlight their stories of success. Katherine Ingle Pratt is the outgoing President of her SVA chapter at the University of Washington and a Korean American and U.S. Air Force veteran, who also grew up as a military child. Her father also served in the Air Force, and met and married her mother while in Korea.

katherine pratt

Katherine was USAF active duty from Dec 2008 - Dec 2012. She entered active service as a pilot trainee, and after 14 months transferred and became an operational flight test engineer. Prior to commissioning she earned a BS from MIT in Aerospace Engineering, using an Air Force ROTC scholarship. She is currently a PhD student and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

Katherine Pratt


Katherine will earn her PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Washington next year. Her research is in the field of neural security, specifically how to protect the private thoughts/information of individuals using a brain-computer interface." Upon graduation, she plans to go into tech policy and regulation. Her goal is to help shape the policies that govern how companies protect the private information of their consumers. This has meant that in addition to engineering courses, Katherine has taken both tech and regulatory policy courses so that she can better apply her research findings in industry, government, and the private sector. This summer she will be interning with the ACLU's Speech, Privacy, and Technology project, specifically looking at digital privacy and how to promote awareness of her research to a wider audience.

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Katherine also competes on the UW Husky Triathlon team which went to the USA Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals in April of 2017. She was recently named one of the Husky 100 (one of 100 students chosen from the over 55,000 students across the three UW campuses, chosen for exemplary work in and out of the classroom).

Katherine's story demonstrates that student veterans are not only succeeding in higher education, but becoming the leaders of tomorrow. SVA Voices is an ongoing campaign celebrating student veteran success. Become a part of the campaign and share your story today!






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