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WASHINGTON D.C. - On Monday, March 24, the nation's leading student veteran organization will release a new study that examines data regarding veterans who have used GI Bill education benefits at two- and four-year colleges, including analysis of graduation rates, areas of study chosen, and the length of their education experience to complete a higher degree. 
This study is the first to assess these nontraditional students to explore the factors and links between their success in higher education, and effective policies and practices on campuses across the United States.

The Million Records Project, a research initiative led by Student Veterans of America (SVA) with support from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Student Clearinghouse, was launched a year ago. SVA created and analyzed a new dataset that matched information about GI Bill beneficiaries with information about student veterans' academic careers.

Recent research indicates that student veterans in higher education are a unique set of nontraditional students. They are often older than their peers: their education is more likely to be interrupted by military service; and they support themselves at a greater rate compared with other students. 

Data results and the foregoing analysis from the Million Records Project will assist SVA in establishing benchmarks and metrics for future student veteran achievement while strengthening college programs and services aimed at empowering veterans to graduate with degrees and certificates. 
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