'Warpaint' competition to feature guest judging by 'Terminal Lance' creator Max Uriarte and military artists James Dietz and Michael D. Fay

WASHINGTON, D.C. - SVA is pleased to announce the launch of its first national art competition, 'Student Veterans of America Present: Warpaint'. The goal of this competition is to recognize and encourage artistic talent in veterans who highlight the experience of their generations. Early entries will be considered for display at SVA's National Convention January 8-11th, while the top 40 works will be unveiled at the National Veterans Center in Washington, DC on March 27th.

"I believe that all across the country, student veteran artists are creating moving legacies of service" said SVA's CEO D. Wayne Robinson. "With Warpaint, we want to make sure that their talents are recognized."

Student veterans are encouraged to submit an original piece of art online for a chance to win the grand prize of $1,500 and an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC for the March unveiling, or two runner-up prizes of $500.

The competition will be judged by Terminal Lance creator Maximilian Uriarte and renowned military artists James Dietz and Michael D. Fay.

"It's an honor to have James, Mike and Max as judges", continued Robinson. "As a Sergeant Major, I had a special affinity for the artwork of Jim Dietz. Mike Fay is not only a renowned combat artist but also continues his service through the Joe Bonham project, and Max Uriarte is fast becoming one of the most prominent voices of his generation"

To be considered for display at SVA's National Convention, entries must be submitted online no later than December 15th. The closeout time for remaining entries is February 15th. Winning submissions will be selected on a rolling basis.

To review Warpaint guidelines and submit your work, visit SVA's Warpaint webpage here


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