Chapter Success Manual


Success in 3-D: How to Design, Develop and Deliver a Thriving SVO is a compilation of the collective knowledge and experience of the Military Family Research Institute (MFRI) at Purdue University and Student Veterans of America (SVA), from our collective and individual work with student veterans' organizations (SVOs) and SVA Chapters. It is designed to be a resource for student leaders who are thinking about starting an SVA Chapter or looking for ways to take their existing chapter to the next level and for advisors and others who want to know more about supporting a chapter.

Success in 3-D for Student Veterans: How to Design, Develop, and Deliver a Thriving SVO

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Chapter Fundraising Guide

This one-page guide summarizes our advice and best practices for fundraising at the chapter level. 


Outreach Materials


The work of SVA chapters at the local level is essential to SVA's mission and has been linked to student veterans' academic success. In order to help promote and facilitate your great work, SVA has partnered with Reingold to offer marketing materials to our registered chapters. Promote your group by hanging these flyers around campus, sending them in email newsletters, or posting to social media. Please read our usage policy before downloading or using these materials. These pages are for the use of registered SVA chapters only, and are not to be used by any other parties, including the school where the chapter is located. Each flyer is customizable to accomodate your chapter logo, and information about upcoming meetings or events. Click on the images below to download. 



SVA Chapter Outreach 1a SVA Chapter Outreach 2a SVA Chapter Outreach 3a SVA Chapter Outreach 4a SVA Chapter Outreach 5a SVA Chapter Outreach 6 SVA Chapter Outreach 1bSVA Chapter Outreach 2bSVA Chapter Outreach 3SVA Chapter Outreach 4SVA Chapter Outreach 5b



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