Green States: States that meet all the following criteria:
1. State law or state school system provides student veterans* an exemption from in-state residency requirements for the purposes of tuition and fees 
2. The exemption applies to all state public schools (2-year and 4-year) 
3. The law can be easily reference for student veterans to read

*Requirements for exemptions may vary by state

Yellow States: States that have introduced legislation in their current legislative session that addresses the "Green State" criteria.

Red States: States where there is no state law that exempts the residency requirements for student veterans, however a state school system or individual schools within the state have an established policy exempting student veterans. Or, there are further specific criteria that student veterans need to meet to receive the exemption. 

NOTE: Private schools normally do not have different in-state and out-of-state tuition and/or fee rates, and are not reflected in this map. 

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