Chapter Leadership Academy to Promote Collaboration and Shared Planning
Student Veterans of America | July 17, 2017

Written By: Mr. Eric Gage, Director of Programs

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Over the past two years I have enjoyed teaching the best and brightest student veteran leaders in developing their student veteran organization thorough our Leadership Summit Series. Today, I'm more excited about what we're going to do next. Traditionally, the Leadership Summit Series was offered in-person in regional locations across the country. But, in an effort to empower a larger number of student veterans, I am very excited to continue teaching this curriculum – and more – through Student Veteran of America's Chapter Leadership Academy.

With the end of the school year approaching, many student veteran leaders struggle with building their chapter's plan for the following school year. Some chapter leaders and officers are new to their positions, and may not know exactly what they have volunteered for. Even experienced chapter leaders know the intense level of involvement necessary for proper chapter planning. As veterans, we know the key to success is training and planning. I have always enjoyed seeing the fire lit within student veterans who want to develop a student veteran organization that will leave their campus better than they found it. We're going to do that with the Chapter Leadership Academy.

The Chapter Leadership Academy will put the knowledge of developing a long-lasting student veteran organization in the hands of those who not only want it, but are willing to empower those around them to achieve their goals and mission. Student veterans will learn the critical components of a chapter business plan, a strategic planning document that will set you and your chapter up for success. This includes drafting a mission statement, articulating goals and objectives, and planning for long-term sustainability. Student veterans will also learn about available resources SVA Headquarters provide and hear from guest instructors who want them to become successful leaders.

We encourage all chapter members to attend the  in the strategic vision for their chapter during the upcoming year and beyond. Often individuals focus in on achieving the mission, instead of achieving goals that support the mission. The Chapter Leadership Academy will motivate students to think broadly about their chapter and explore campus-level concepts that can ease a veteran's transition from the military to higher education and beyond. Through this program, and the sharing of challenges, successes, and best practices, we will fully equip our vast network of student veterans to bring meaningful and sustainable change to their campuses and local communities.

When it comes to student veterans on their campuses, they are the subject matter experts of their campus. Our role in the Chapter Leadership Academy is to teach those experts how to articulate a plan to reach their goals and fulfill their own mission on a campus level. When you walk away from the Chapter Leadership Academy, our goal is to empower you to make meaningful change on your campus for student veterans for years to come. Sign up to attend the first Chapter Leadership Academy on July 20, 2017 from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. ET. Can't make it? Don't worry, we're going to make all Academy classes available online and free for you. Plus, we'll be hosting even more Academy classes this year so stay tuned!


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