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#ForeverGIBill FAQ's
Student Veterans of America | July 20, 2017

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As the #ForeverGIBill continues to gain traction and move forward through Congress, we have been receiving questions and wanted to take the opportunity to bring some clarity about the bill. Below are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Does taking away the 15 year limit apply to all veterans?


The termination of the 15 year delimiting date applies to those who were discharged on or after Jan 1, 2013. While we wish this provision in the current legislation would apply to all veterans, the cost was beyond the reach of current resources. Our commitment to ensuring future generations have the best benefit possible includes removing this cap for those individuals. 


How will the expansion be funded – what does the decrease in living stipend mean?


Earlier this month, SVA's Will Hubbard did a great job of explaining how it will be funded, check out his blog here.


What role did SVA have in creating this bill?


SVA has led a coalition of military, veterans, and higher education organizations to advocate for the many provisions in the bill. It was this broad coalition, especially the "tiger team" that made this possible. The organizations of the tiger team who deserve all the credit include Veterans of Foreign Wars, Got Your 6, The American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.


Which provisions specifically apply to those currently using their GI Bill benefits?


All provisions except the removal of 15 year time limit apply to current veterans; however, the various provisions will have different effective dates, most not becoming active until August 2018.

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