Chris Green on Accentures Commitment to Student VeteransChris Green on Accenture's Commitment to Student Veterans
Student Veterans of America: August 25, 2016
Written by: Chris Green, Military Veteran Recruiting Lead, Accenture

As veterans, the skills you’ve honed during your military experience – leadership, discipline and teamwork, to name a few – are an excellent fit with the work we do at Accenture. As a leading global professional services company, we provide a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. In other words, we offer our advice, expertise and skills to help our clients solve some of their most complex problems.

Takeaways From My Summer Internship at SVA HQ

Written by: Marty Hernandez, UCLA Student Veterans of America Chapter President.

I recently concluded a five-week summer internship with the Student Veterans of America (SVA). What started out as just an idea, transformed into an opportunity and an experience that I will never forget. Two months ago, Jared Lyon, CEO and President of SVA along with Walter Tillman, Vice-President of Programs were on a tour of southern California SVA chapters. As the president of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)- SVA, I looked forward to meeting with them in hopes of establishing a closer relationship between UCLA and the national SVA in Washington D.C. We discussed many issues that are impacting the student veteran community, both in Los Angeles and throughout the country. We discussed the transformative power of higher education and how it can be utilized at the local chapter level to make the biggest impact with the veterans on our campus.

How SVA Helped Me Grow As A Policy Advocate

Written by: Christina Giordano, SVA Policy Associate who is currently a senior at the George Washington University pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), International Business and Marketing.

Working as a Policy Associate at Student Veterans of America has been an invaluable experience. I’ve learned a lot about veterans affairs but also general life lessons. Let’s start with veterans affairs, besides doing a deep dive with the GI Bill, I now understand the importance of veterans resource centers, VSOCs and the peer-to-peer support through SVA chapters.

Takeaways From My First SVA Leadership Summit

Written by: Becky Patterson, U.S. Navy veteran and SVA Chapter Liaison/AmeriCorps*VISTA Member

I attended my first SVA Leadership Summit recently here in Washington, D.C. I was a Chapter Leader for two years, and shame on me for not making it to one earlier.  The summit started off with a service project, new to the agenda this year.  A group of strangers came together to help the National Park Service; a group of strangers who were no longer that at the end of the summit.  By the end of the service project, friendships were already forming, which only strengthened throughout the weekend. 

Turning Words Into Actions

Written by: Dan Standage, SVA's Director of Disability in Education.

Have you ever known someone who lives payday to payday, but routinely celebrates at a local bar or club? Do you live in a neighborhood with a community space, and the one neighbor whose yard is a complete wreck, is constantly complaining about the homeowner's association (HOA) not doing a better job? How about your middle school PE coach, who could have been Paul Blart Mall Cop, and insisted that you take yet another lap? Ironic isn't it? The irony is prevalent in the disability space too. On July 26th, the United States celebrated the 26th anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This important piece of legislation helps ensure people with disabilities are given the same opportunities as people without disabilities. It's not meant to be Robin Hood; taking away from the non-disabled and giving to the disabled. However, the perception of the ADA and people with disabilities tends to be negative.


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