Mastering Business School as a Student Veteran

Written by Michael Stack, SVA’s Vice President of Development


Yesterday I had the pleasure of moderating a Google Hangout panel offered by the Graduate Management Administration Council (GMAC) that offered key insights for military personnel, veterans and student veterans who are thinking about pursuing business school. I’m happy to say that we had nearly 100 viewers tune in!

SVA Voices: Peter Meijer - From Student Veteran to Vice-Chairman of the Board

by, Peter Meijer, SVA Board of Directors, Vice-Chairman


Starting as an Army Reserve NCO mobilized to deploy to Iraq during college, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of transitioning from the military to a civilian education. In the years that followed, I went overseas again as an aid worker in Afghanistan before returning to school last fall to pursue a business degree.


April 10-16 is National Volunteer Week. Here is one story of volunteerism from inside SVA's National Headquarters:


"Admittedly, before I began my year of service with Student Veterans of America, I did not know much about military life. However after working as a Resident Assistant at Binghamton University, I knew I wanted to continue to help students succeed in school. I found out about SVA while applying forAmeriCorps VISTA positions after graduation. I chose to spend my service year with Student Veterans of America because I believe it is very important for students—especially non-traditional students—to have support on campus so that they can learn, grow, and succeed at school.

Studying STEM as a Student Veteran

Francisco McGee is a U.S. Navy Veteran and studies General Engineering with a focus in Bioinformatics at San Jose State University. He is also a 2015 Google SVA Scholar.


SVA Scholars: Daniel Travis' Story

How the Google SVA Scholarship Changed My College Experience

School, for me, was a huge shift in culture. I had only been out of the Army for around 3 months and there was not really a place to go back to and recover, so the only path was forward. This, of course, does not alleviate the anxiety that can come from trying to do a 180-degree turn in lifestyle, thought process, and interacting with people.



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