General George W. Casey, Jr.

General George W. Casey, Jr.

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General George W. Casey, Jr. is one of the most accomplished soldiers in U.S. history and an authority on strategic leadership. As the 36th Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army from April 2007 to 2011, General Casey led what is arguably the world’s largest and most complex organization — 1.1 million people strong, with a $200+ billion annual budget — during one of the most extraordinary periods in military and global political history. He is widely credited with restoring balance to the war-weary U.S. Army, modernizing and leading the transformation necessary to defend our nation in the 21st Century, and ensuring the current force deployed in the war on terror was the best this country has ever fielded.

Prior to this post, General Casey commanded the Multi-National Force – Iraq, a coalition of more than 30 countries, where he guided the Iraq mission through its toughest days. He led cultural change in the U.S. Armed Forces and built the Iraqi security institutions to set the conditions for our long-term success. On the homefront, General Casey has been a stalwart advocate for military families, expanding programs for the wounded, addressing the tough issues of substance abuse and suicide, reducing the stigma of combat stress and trauma, and providing long term support for survivors of the fallen. Known for his vision, candor, integrity and humor, General Casey’s story is one of personal courage and commitment to excellence.

In addition to his exceptional achievements in combat, General Casey also made history when he grew the Army during a period of phenomenally high demand with great speed and efficacy. His remarkable efforts resulted in the Army exceeding recruitment targets in both quantity and quality, and enabled the Army to halt the practice of stop-loss and increase soldiers' time at home between deployments – developments that greatly boosted force readiness and quality of life. Nearly 70 percent of the Army is now on a path to meet the goal of two years home for every year deployed. These efforts, as well as his programs to solidly support soldiers and families, have sustained the all-volunteer Army after a decade at war. General Casey’s great love of country and his life of service and sacrifice form the basis of his viewpoints on leadership, vision, organizational culture and leading transformational change.


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