Dr. Chris Cate

Dr. Chris Cate

SVA HQ Team - Vice President of Research

Dr. Chris Cate joined the professional staff of Student Veterans of America in September 2012, as Vice President of Research. Having several relatives who served -- a great-uncle in World War II, his father in the Marine reserves, uncles in Vietnam, and cousins in the Navy -- he grew up supporting and respecting service members and veterans.

After hearing his college friends' stories of returning to civilian life and school, Dr. Cate's support and advocacy for veterans grew further when he realized that colleges and universities were not prepared for student veterans. He began advocating for them on campus by helping to provide information to administrators through his research. His position as Director of Measurement and Learning allowed him to continue his early work, using research to advocate for student veterans, on a larger scale.

Most recently, Dr. Cate served as Associate Director for the Center of Advanced Studies of Individual Differences (CASID) at the University of California at Santa Barbara. While there, he continued to work with student veterans and school administrators to improve services and develop programs to benefit student veterans.

Dr. Cate graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a Master of Arts in Research Methodology and a Doctorate in Special Education, Disability, and Risk Studies. His dissertation examined student veterans' college experiences and academic performance.


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