Blue Hen Vets also competed in First Step Grand Challenges where they designed a custom New Student Orientation model solely aimed at integrating student veterans. Their model won them first place, a $5,000 grant, and debuted over the summer. Blue Hen Vets participated in the annual Face of America bicycle ride by World T.E.A.M Sports last year, for the third year in a row. The ride took place from D.C to Gettysburg, PA and included over 750 riders, 120 of which were disabled veterans. The Blue Hen Vets team raised over $13,000 for World T.E.A.M Sports, to help disabled veterans return to physical activity.  57109268-43088701-a9b86f 379972fe3ba148a99dc372217bc81c66mv2 d 5184 3456 s 4 2

Blue Hen Vets, Face of America team of 15 riders and 3 support volunteers.

Looking forward, they have also planned “Bridge the Gap” speaker series which aims to increase awareness of student veterans on campus by connecting them with traditional students. In addition, there will be a veteran peer-to-peer mentoring program unveiled later this year. These programs aim to increase not just the student veteran experience on campus but to support the community at large, Chapter President Mark Footerman explains "Your chapter will impact your community. It might not be apparent all the time, but you will see it at some point. And if you impact your community, even in just a small way, your chapter has shown its importance and value."

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