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SVA Voices: Christian Grosjean

As a part of our mission in aiding veterans with their transition into higher education and civilian life, SVA shares the stories of student veterans through our SVA Voices series in the hopes that, through storytelling, we can change the narrative surrounding veterans and inspire the next generation of student veterans.

Christian Grosjean served in the U.S. Army before transitioning into higher education at Santa Monica College.  Currently pursuing his Bachelors in Business, Christian is also a member of the Santa Monica College’s SVA chapter and was a 2015 SVA Scholar, receiving the General Dynamics Community College Scholarship.


“Being a student veteran, and part of your SVA chapter, gives you the opportunity to translate the discipline you learned during service into your school work ethic,” Christian said.



Christian, like every student, is going to college in order to achieve the career goals he has set for himself.  He credits his SVA chapter with helping him further plan and prepare for his future career.


“My SVA chapter allowed me to connect to other veterans who helped me in expanding my network of contacts,” Christian said. “Get connected to your chapter; it will give you opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise.”

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