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SVA Voices • Paige V. Zeiger: 





Paige V. Zeiger is a U.S. Navy veteran from Birmingham, Alabama and is a current Chapter Officer of Walden University’s Student Veterans Association (SVA-WU). Paige is pursuing her doctorate degree in Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services and is due to graduate in 2020. She is also a former military spouse, single mom, full-time doctorate student, dedicated SVA advocate and is passionate about the student veteran population. Paige wants women to know that they are supported and deserve the same support as their male colleagues, and we couldn’t agree more.



Q: What is one of the highlights of your experience as a student veteran?


A: Luckily, my school's military office is well-versed in the logistics of military students attending higher education and help with the GI Bill process. I think the next step for our chapter is creating some social media spaces to disseminate pertinent student veteran information. Being the newly installed President (beginning in July), I hope to change this. I believe an online presence in a predominantly online education environment, would make the membership feel more connected to us and hopefully reach out for help when needed. I come from a mental health background and at this juncture I think that providing these resources to students is imperative.


Q: What advice do you have for other student veterans about succeeding in school, searching for internships/jobs or applying to graduate school?


A: Ask for help. There are many faculty and staff there to help you even if they don’t have knowledge about the military culture. Keep on keeping on. It is a fight every day, but that is something that we are used to. Use your military training skills to help you advance in your academic journey. And again, do not be afraid to ask for help from anyone; they can potentially direct you to someone with more experience.


 Q: What do you want to achieve after graduating?


A: I postulate that I will complete my internship and dissertation by February 2020 and then focus on conducting research about the life experiences of student veterans in a research article. I am passionate about that veteran community and would love nothing more than to contribute in some small, hopefully meaningful way. 


Q: Tell us a fun fact about you:



A: My self-care time primarily focuses on my 4-year-old daughter, Lilly, and our boxer dog, Shayla. They are my pride and joy, and when I am playing with them in an intentional way, I am able to bring myself back to the present moment, which helps with decreasing stressors, anxieties and improves self-care.


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