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SVA Voices • Anne Cocos:




Anne Cocos, a U.S. Navy veteran from Philadelphia, PA, attends the University of Pennsylvania and is pursuing a doctorate degree in computer science, expecting to graduate in May 2019. Anne first heard about Student Veterans of America through her participation in the Google-SVA scholarship program.


Q: What is one of the highlights of your experience as a student veteran?



A: I was asked to speak at our campus’ Veterans Day ceremony. It was a unique opportunity to share my experience with people outside of the veteran community, and also to meet other veterans who I would not have otherwise come into contact with.



Q: Which of SVA’s programs would recommend to other student veterans?



A: The scholarship program provides funds to support you while pursuing your degree. Many veterans have family or work commitments that make it challenging to fully engage in school—these scholarships help relieve some of the associated stresses.



Q: Why is the Google-SVA Scholarship significant to you?



A: The veterans I come into contact with through my graduate program in computer science are few and far between. The Google-SVA scholarship has provided me with a network of like-minded students who share both my interests in tech, and my experiences in navigating academia as a non-traditional student. The scholarship itself has been instrumental in allowing me to continue school while raising a family.



Q: What advice do you have for other student veterans about succeeding in school, searching for internships/jobs or applying to graduate school?



A: Own your story. Don’t be worried if your background doesn’t mirror that of other applicants. One of the greatest lessons the military teaches us is to jump into an unfamiliar situation and learn quickly. Veterans have life and leadership experiences that are unique and can offset perceived shortfalls in other areas.



Q: What do you want to achieve after graduating?



A: I’d like to continue research with the goal of creating computers that are able to read, comprehend and interact based on learned information.



Q: Tell us a fun fact about you:



A: I’m addicted to home renovation shows.

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