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Student Veterans of America | August 7, 2017

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A well-crafted resume is a powerful tool that can accelerate your career journey. SVA continues to partner with VMock, a powerful 24-7 online resume review tool that can help you ensure that your resume both reads right and looks right. VMock leverages technologies that include data science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide instant, personalized feedback on your resume based on criteria gathered from employers and global best practices. This platform provides SVA members specifically with:

• Exclusive SVA resume templates based on your area of study.

• Line-by-line guidance to reflect your military roles and achievements.

• Suggestions to bring out your soft skills that were developed during the military experience.

• Opportunity to connect with the larger veteran community for virtual resume feedback.


VMock has helped hundreds of student veterans across the country improve their resumes and transform their careers, including Patrick Gaines, a graduate of Arizona State University, who said, "The scoring, analysis, and feedback gave me a lot of information to improve the quality of my resume. I like how specifics are highlighted and advice is given when hovering over the highlight." Pierre Casco, a recent student veteran graduate of University of Miami added that what he liked most was the quantitative critique of his resume, and the speed at which the critique and instant correction of resume occurred.

The steps are simple and quick, to get started, visit and follow these simple steps:

Step 1
Upload your resume.

Step 2
Get instant feedback, a benchmarked resume score, and know your resume gaps.

Step 3
Improve and succeed. Closing the gaps ensures a solid first impression.

Hundreds of veterans have already used VMock to improve their resume and transform their career opportunities, now it's your turn. Visit to get started.


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