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How I Grew My Military Network

Student Veterans of America | November 08, 2017

Written by: Jennifer Worhle CT: ESGR - EOD, Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (PBS/NPR) affiliates)

2015 April JENN

Jennifer Worhle


Why did you volunteer for ESGR?

I chose to volunteer with Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) because I knew it would deepen my connection with every military branch along with helping me develop a greater understanding of MOS's. Being a volunteer of ESGR would also allow me to give back to the ones that serve and protect our country. As of date, I have a better understanding of USERRA and (stay) staying (abreast) knowledgeable with activities that are happening live and in the future.

What are your ESGR volunteer duties?

Inform individuals on who ESGR is and why we are here. Encourage employers to hire and support our Guard, Reserve and their families. Cultivate and maintain supportive relationships with various contacts in designated units. Serve as the primary link between the Reserve Components, ESGR and assigned commands or units in the development and execution of employer relationship programs. Public speaking and participate at career fairs and Yellow Ribbon events.




Jennifer and Mr. Ted Graziani, Chairman of the Connecticut ESGR Committee of the Black Hawk Helicopter



Has ESGR volunteer work enhanced your job?

ESGR has enhanced my life. Working with our team of volunteers has been pure joy the past year and a half. Everyone is dedicated, patient, honest, and supportive. The leadership training in Arlington, VA also increased my level of awareness and respect for this organization. The people I met and the ones who presented were engaging, smart, and mission driven. After this training, a power point was created for my employer; Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (PBS/NPR affiliates). Sharing this knowledge was imperative because they supported this training and knew the information would benefit my role, the program and the company. For a clearer understanding, I manage CPBN's Veteran's Vocational Training Program (VVTP) in Hartford CT. The school name is The Institute for Advanced Media (IAM), which is the home of the VVTP. August of 2013 was the program's inception and it is still going strong because of our funders and donors. The VVTP supports individuals seeking a career change or ways to enhance their career in the following areas; video production, video editing, graphic arts and digital design, documentary storytelling, illustrator, and project management. To expand our program, I was given the opportunity to develop and teach a 4 week 2 hour resume writing class. As most of us know, a resume is just a small percentage of finding the right career. 85-90% of our demographic are military, active duty, Post 9/11, Guard, spouses, and Reserve members looking for work or exploring ways to enhance or change their career. ESGR involvement and running the VVTP is the perfect combination because of the employer and military member connections. My military network continues to grow globally and it's an honor to know and work with these fine professionals. I love every second of it.


7.18.17 Boss Lift ANG

 Connecticut ESGR Committee Black Hawk Bosslift


Would you recommend ESGR volunteer opportunities to your friends?

Yes, I would recommend an ESGR volunteer opportunity if the person was the right fit. They must support our military and someone we can count on. Finding out what motives them and the reasoning behind their motivations is the foundation. My focus is quality, the numbers always follow. I'd rather recruit 1 outstanding volunteer than 20 weak ones. And timing to ask/inform is everything. Along with ongoing follow up.


If you’d like to learn more about volunteer opportunities please contact ESGR Chief of Employer Engagement, Tom Bullock, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also follow us on social media at FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.  


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