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Jennifer Ward graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. She left for boot camp eight days after 9/11 and served in the U.S. Navy for 4 years. She served on two nuclear aircraft carriers with more than 6,000 people and formed strong relationships, which she compares to the relationships that have been formed at Edward Jones. She described the camaraderie fondly, and how the financial advisors at Edward Jones are there to help each other become better and support each other no matter what.


Edward Jones has more than 1500 Financial Advisors who have previous military experience and they've seen firsthand that the skills obtained from the military are valuable to the financial advisor role.


Q:What were you looking for in your next career?


A: When I was no longer active duty in the Navy I thought my path would take me into law enforcement. I was actually in the highway patrol academy and realized it was not actually the right path for me after all. As I was contemplating my next goal, a friend of mine told me about the Branch Office Administrator role at Edward Jones - it sounded interesting and aligned with my skills. Once I became a BOA and worked closely with the Financial Advisor, I once again had a new goal to strive for. What drove me toward law enforcement was now my drive for becoming a financial advisor – working with and helping the community.


Q: What are some talents that you carried over from being in the military, which helped you become a successful financial advisor?


A: Hard work. Dedication. Self-motivation. The military develops people to have high expectations of themselves and others; we strive to outperform the standards. So, I put in the hard work it takes in the beginning to build my practice, and proved to myself and others I was right where I belonged. Being dedicated to the financial advisor role is more than just being dedicated to your career; it is being devoted to your clients and their needs. And lastly, being self-motivated is huge; you are not clocking in and clocking out but showing up because you feel personally obligated.


Q: What stands out most to you about being an Edward Jones Financial Advisor?


A: The impact you make on clients’ lives. Going into this career I knew the drive for me was to work with the community and enhance the lives of those living in it, and this reigned true from my very first client. As I was building my business I was reaching out to individuals to introduce myself, and this one individual had turned me away multiple times saying he didn’t need my help, but surprisingly, one day showed up in my office. He explained to me how he was embarrassed on how little he had saved for retirement and he finally was ready to have the conversation. And on his second-year anniversary as my client he called me and with great emotion explained how thankful he was I had knocked on his door.


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