The Top Five Benefits of Being a Part of an SVA Chapter




Written By: Adam LeGrand, USAF Ret. (medical)
University: Student Veterans Organization at Syracuse University
Chapter Title: President


There are many benefits to being a Student Veteran, and even more by being an active member of an SVA Chapter. My personal top five reasons to being an active chapter member are:

A Call to Service: How Serving Others Improves Our Community and Ourselves

In May two interviews were given that seemed to offer conflicting views of how we can change the world.  Physicist Carlo Rovelli explained that we can only perceive the existence of a particle in a particular form when it interacts with something.  Rovelli theorized that we and our communities only exist as a collection of interactions with others and that those interactions can be collaborative or combative.  He suggested that the collaborative interactions will help us live a better reality.  That same week, Algerian musician Souad Massi said that when she wrote her first song as a teenager, “I used to be a dreamer — I wanted to change the world.” However, Massi said that now she believes we have to work on what is not good in ourselves before we can help others and go about the difficult business of trying to change the world.  How can we connect these two contradicting realities: a) that we only exist once we interact with others, and b) that we should work on ourselves before we help others?

Veterans, College Students, Fathers: Their Advice on How They Make it all Work!
Student Veterans of America | June 17, 2018

Dads take on many roles throughout our lives: they’re our champions, providers, role models, heroes – and they do a lot to achieve these roles. They serve our country, get hard-earned degrees, work long hours and they raise and mentor us – sometimes, all at once. This Father’s Day, some of them even took the time to share with you their best advice for other student veteran dads who are starting school for the first time as a parent. Check it out!

Get to Know Veterans at Gartner: Meet Diana Spano


Name: Diana Spano
University: Park University/United States Air Force
Job Title: Manager, Research Engagement Services
Office Location: Fort Myers, FL

From One Student Veteran Mom to Another
Student Veterans of America |  May 11, 2018

Peer-to-peer mentoring is a critical component to student veteran success - even more so, as we look at the unique identities and intersections of today's student veterans. So, this Mother's Day, we look to past and current student veteran moms for their best piece of advice for their fellow student veteran moms.



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