Creating Success on Purpose, Rather than by Happenstance

Student Veterans of America | October 6, 2017

Written By: Travis Bartholomew, Deputy Executive Director and Chief of National Engagement Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

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If there’s one thing my time in the military has highlighted for me, it’s my ability to tolerate just about anything as long as I can mark an end-date on the calendar. I think that’s true for many people who serve, and one of the reasons student veterans are so successful. We recognize our classes and courses for what they are – a means to an end.

Of course, “the end” is as unique as each of us. Many seek a degree or certificate to improve their career opportunities.  Some crave knowledge for knowledge’s sake.  Others have a drive to show themselves and the world they can reach their goals. 

 How Molly, My Service Animal, Changed My Experience As A Student Veteran

Student Veterans of America | September 22, 2017

Written By: Adam LeGrand, SVO Disability Services Liaison, Syracuse University 

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Service Animals save lives and make activities of daily life easier for their human. I have a Medical Service Animal because of my military related injuries – both visible and invisible.  Molly, my Service Animal, became a part of my life two years ago.  Since then, I have been able to do so many things that I never thought possible.  For instance, I was afraid of crowds and public speaking.  Two major things I needed to work through to be where I am today.  I am an active father, friend, student, public speaker, lobbyist, and more – all because of Molly and the support I have received from K9s for Warriors.

How to Pay for #NatCon2018 Before You Register

Student Veterans of America | September 5, 2017

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Student Veterans of America’s (SVA) annual national conference is the nation’s largest gathering of post-9/11 veterans who just happen to be awesome students. #NatCon2018 is the premier event and best opportunity to hear from current leaders, develop a professional network, learn ways to improve your SVA Chapter, and to find meaningful employment.

 Five Things Every Student Veteran Returning to School Should Know

Student Veterans of America | August 21, 2017

Back to School 

It’s August, which means millions of people are returning to college or arriving to campus for the first time. This annual right-of-passage includes the over 1.1 million student veterans who are using the GI Bill in schools across the country and are the best academic achievers in higher education.

This is the time of year where Student Veterans of America (SVA) shines brightest, when we welcome new and returning members to the almost 1,500 chapters across the country. In the spirit of learning, here are five things every student veteran returning to school should know to make the most of their time in higher education.

You need a LinkedIn profile more than a Twitter handle

If you think LinkedIn is a social media network, or you’re waiting for that free year of support for veterans, then you’re doing it wrong. LinkedIn is your path to economic opportunity.

Did you know every Fortune 1000 company has access to LinkedIn to recruit candidates? Companies apply the power of big data and LinkedIn profiles to find their next hire. LinkedIn offers dedicated support to help you craft a profile, search for a job that matches your skills, and even take courses like Graphic Design and Project Management. You’re going to see a greater emphasis on the importance of LinkedIn from SVA so be sure to create a profile today. Join our group to learn what's coming next for SVA and LinkedIn.

Why Many of You Will Not Have a Job Lined Up at Graduation, and What You Need to Do Right Now to Change That
Student Veterans of America | August 11, 2017

Written By: Lisa Rosser, CEO and Founder, The Value Of a Veteran 

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Veterans - raise your hand if you plan to target large corporations as part of your post-graduation job hunt. Makes sense – many large companies have veteran recruiting programs and have made commitments to hire those who have served. However, counting on corporate good will and intention is not enough to stack the deck in your favor when it comes time to find a job before graduation.

Want to know a secret?
Those same large companies have university recruiting programs with a headcount to fill every year. Most of those jobs will never be advertised on Monster or CareerBuilder or LinkedIn. For some companies, university headcount can be as much as 5-50% of all new hires a company plans to make in a year. For example if a major bank plans to hire 10,000 new employees in 2018 and up to 5,000 of those positions have been set aside to be filled by the university recruiting team, wouldn't you want to know how you can connect with those university recruiters?


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