Dear Future Me: A Reflection on My Experience at SVA’s Leadership Institute by Jai Anasazi


Dear Future Jai,


As you continue to explore what type of leader you will be in the executive world-wide economy, take pause and reflect on the you that is writing this letter. You were an outstanding NCO in the Army, you used many of those skills as a chapter leader of the Student Veteran Association at the University of Colorado (CU). Yet, you didn’t know how to quantify those skills until you spent four long days and nights in Washington D.C. You explored you for you


Undergraduate College Recruiting – When, Why, and How Companies Recruit on Campus


Veterans - raise your hand if you plan to target large corporations as part of your post-graduation job hunt. Makes sense – many large companies have veteran recruiting programs and have made commitments to hire those who have served. However, counting on corporate good will and intention is not enough to stack the deck in your favor when it comes time to find a job before graduation.

Meet Ben Brickman: Student-Athlete, Student Veteran, and Role Model


As your college or university welcomes you to an eventful Fall 2018 semester, you might be feeling an emotional cocktail of nerves, excitement, and trepidation; it can be helpful to know others have been there before and have thrived regardless! Enter Ben Brickman, a wide receiver for the Syracuse University Orange Football team and U.S. Marine Corps veteran who dreamed of getting into a good school and playing football – Ben is learning how to help his fellow athletes both now and in the future by studying Exercise Science on the pre-physical therapy track at Syracuse University.




Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned:
A Veteran’s Story of the Post-service Job Hunt

William Parker.jpg

The Top Five Benefits of Being a Part of an SVA Chapter




Written By: Adam LeGrand, USAF Ret. (medical)
University: Student Veterans Organization at Syracuse University
Chapter Title: President


There are many benefits to being a Student Veteran, and even more by being an active member of an SVA Chapter. My personal top five reasons to being an active chapter member are:


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