Join the Business and Industry Roundtable, support student veterans, and gain access to top veteran talent from over 1,500 colleges and universities nationwide. As a member, you will have the opportunity to support current and future veterans in their transition from education to employment. You will also be able to contribute to and experience the benefits of a national talent pipeline that will help you meet your very distinct hiring needs.

Roundtable members have a unique opportunity to get ahead while giving back. By making a decision to support student veterans and transitioning service members with veteran­ inclusive hiring practices, you are making a commitment to changing lives, creating meaning, and recruiting exceptional talent.

"Student veterans have already proven themselves by significantly outperforming their non-military peers in the classroom with higher GPAs and higher graduation rates."

Student Veterans of America is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides programs, resources, research, advocacy, and representation for the nation's student veterans. With your help, we support the 115,000 veterans who transition from service to education every year, the 700,000 student veterans in campus SVA chapters across the country, and the over 1 million student veterans currently in higher education.

What is the SVA Business and Industry Roundtable?

The roundtable is a coalition of businesses linked with SVA, committed to hiring student veterans and building deep and lasting relationships with them through education, mentoring and career development. We share leading best practices in student veteran recruitment based on our more than ten years of experience supporting this unique population.

We work with some of the top companies in the U.S. to provide opportunities to more than 100,000 current and graduating student veterans annually in sectors, ranging from investment banking and industrial manufacturing, to technology and communications.

Roundtable Mission

To help every transitioning service member and veteran determine and advance his or her personal path to success after military service by helping them succeed in higher education and in gaining meaningful employment.

To build custom talent pipelines for leading companies to help them meet their staffing needs by attracting well-educated, highly qualified veteran candidates who are uniquely qualified to fill their very specific high-growth, high-demand positions. We also help companies with OFCCP requirements engage in effective veteran outreach programs and reach their hiring goals.

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