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2017 - 2018 Chapter Leader Academy


The 2017 - 2018 Chapter Leader Academy consists of a series of web-based interactive sessions teaching key components necessary for chapter leadership success. These events are designed to empower and inspire the SVA chapter base while providing the tools and resources for all our chapters to grow and thrive. Student veterans will learn how to design, develop, and deliver an effective student veteran organization.

Multiple members of a chapter's leadership team are encouraged to attend the webinars to promote collaboration and shared planning in the strategic vision for their chapter during the upcoming year and beyond. The Chapter Leader Academy will motivate students to think broadly about their chapter and explore campus-level concepts that can ease a veteran's transition from the military to higher education and then to the workforce.



LESSON 4 | SVA Beyond: Beyond the School Year, Beyond Graduation


Lesson 4 is the final lesson in the 2017-2018 Chapter Leader Academy Series. At Student Veterans of America, we believe the student veteran lifecycle represents the complete journey to, through, and beyond higher education. Up until this point, Lessons 1-3 have focused on your academic career through higher education while being a chapter leader. In CLA Lesson 4, we will focus on the journey beyond higher education.


During this lesson, we talk about chapter engagement beyond the school year. Here we will focus in on chapter level programming over the summer and proper leadership transition for those who will lead your chapter in the upcoming school year.


Next, we will take a look at beyond graduation. SVA’s Resident LinkedIn Expert will demonstrate the importance of thinking about your career as a student, how to expand and develop network relationships, and how to leverage LinkedIn specific tools and resources to achieve your professional and career objectives.


Finally, we will feature a recent graduate and SVA alumna who will talk in practical terms about how she has used all three pillars of to, through, and beyond higher education to land an internship and, ultimately, her dream job.



LESSON 3 | How to Bring NatCon to Your Campus as a Chapter Leader

This session focuses on ways you can capitalize on the content and lessons shared at NatCon2018 to take your chapter to the next level. Experts teach you three ways you can take the content learned at NatCon and use it to empower your chapter through the spring semester including growing your chapter and improving your programming. Special guests include chapter members who were recognized during SVA's Honors Award Banquet. 

In this lesson you will learn:


  • Recap of NatCon 2018
  • The Importance of the Post NatCon Survey
  • Bringing Best Practices Back to Campus
  • Sneak Peak of CLA #4
  • Download Lesson PDF


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LESSON 2 | Welcome Back to Campus

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Chapter Leadership framework
  • How to get to NatCon2018
  • Partnership
  • Fundraising
  • Download Lesson PDF


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In this lesson you will learn:

  • the critical components of a business plan
  • drafting a mission statement
  • articulating goals and objectives, building a budget
  • planning for long-term sustainability 
  • Download Lesson PDF



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