Leverage Career and Professional Success


Student Veterans of America (SVA) has partnered with LinkedIn to empower and train student veterans to reach their career and professional development goals.


SVA is partnering with LinkedIn as one of the most respected platforms for establishing and defining your professional identity, developing network relationships, building professional development opportunities, and training student veterans on how to leverage career success. We are also educating recruiters on how to tap into a larger pool of high achieving student veterans, promoting continued service of alumni through mentorship opportunities, and further solidifying SVA as a thought leader in the veteran career development space. We are doing this in a number of ways:

  • We are focusing SVA’s professional communications through the LinkedIn platform. 
  • We are mobilizing student veterans and SVA chapters to actively develop their careers through higher education.  
  • We are training student veterans to make use of LinkedIn to advance their personal and chapter-based career objectives. 
  • We are building professional network communities for our SVA chapters, alumni, partners and sponsors, industry experts, employers, and mentors.  
  • We are connecting professional opportunity seekers to those with professional opportunities. 



Steps to Success



1. Follow our talent brand on LinkedIn. 

SVA’s Company Page on LinkedIn connects you to an “economy of opportunity” available to student veterans from SVA’s corporate partners, industry sponsors, and employers. With our goal of focusing SVA’s professional and career-related communications through the LinkedIn platform, SVA’s Company Page on LinkedIn is an invaluable resource in connecting professional opportunity seekers to those with professional opportunities. 

By following our Company Page on LinkedIn and staying active on the platform, you will be better informed on many of the engaging career-related opportunities made possible by some of the world’s top companies. We are regularly promoting events and programs for student veterans and SVA chapters, so follow our LinkedIn Company Page to stay up-to-date on our career and professional related opportunities.  






 2. Become a member and active voice on the Student Veteran Professional Development Community.

Ever wished for a place to search for career advice and opportunities for veterans like you? We invite you to join the newly redesigned Student Veteran Professional Development Community -- SVA's official group on LinkedIn -- an exclusive career network for student veterans and alumni! 

Our community is powered by a network of fellow student veterans, alumni, mentors, supporters, industry experts, and employers -- all there to help develop your professional identity and marketable skills so you can better reach your career goals. It all starts with adding your voice to the conversation. Join SVA's Professional Development Community today and help build the premier professional network for veterans in higher education and beyond! 


3. Learn how to effectively leverage professional development opportunities and your career.  

We are highlighting and teaching student veterans about the importance of thinking about their careers "early and often" during their transition. As a student veteran, you come into higher education with a wealth of highly sought-after professional experience. Learning to translate your military skills and further build your professional identity on LinkedIn as a student is the perfect start to a meaningful career.


SVA’s Train-the-Trainer Program (For SVA Chapters)

SVA’s Train-the-Trainer Program is available to chapter leaders who are looking to institute career and professional-focused programming for their SVA chapters. With curriculum developed by the Veterans Program at LinkedIn, SVA chapters have the opportunity to learn how to effectively use LinkedIn tools and features to develop their professional identity and to empower the building of chapter-specific professional networks. 

Through a series of four training webinars, program participants will be taught how to:

1. Tell your professional story and be found by others.

2. Recruit, build, and maintain your professional support network.

3. Understand the “way in” to civilian career opportunities.

4. Maintain and advance knowledge to stay at the top of your field. 

The end goal of this program is to train and establish a knowledgeable SVA chapter officer who will regularly conduct training and mentoring for chapter members and student veterans on the use of LinkedIn as a platform for career and professional development. 

To learn more about what the curriculum in this program covers and to schedule a training session for you or your chapter, please send us an email to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please include “Train the Trainer” in the subject line of your email. 

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