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Are you a 2016 #GIBillGrad?

Each spring, student veterans throughout the U.S. ready themselves for graduation and the next stage of their lives. SVA is asking student veterans from across the nation to join our 2016 National Graduation Party by changing your Facebook profile picture, and tweeting and Instagraming your graduation photos at @StudentVets on Twitter and @StudentVeterans on Instagram with the hashtag #GIBillGrad. Here's how to join the party:

Step 1: Change your Facebook profile picture



Step 2: Follow Student Veterans of America on Social Media

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Step 3: Spread the word about #GIBillGrad

Whether you tweet about it, share your photos, or share this Instagram picture, let the world know you are becoming a #GIBillGrad and part of the SVA Alumni Network. SVA will feature your photos and stories on this page and on social media.

Download the Social Media Toolkit

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Step 4: Stay Involved

SVA membership does not end at graduation. Learn how to stay involved by sharing your story and engaging with your local SVA chapter.



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