In-State Tuition Map

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The Choice Act of 2014 limits how long non-resident, military connected students are eligible for in-state tuition to three years. While many states have passed laws to eliminate this cap - making these students eligible for resident-rate tuition regardless of when they choose to enroll - a substantial number of other states have not. There are also some states with confusing or even contradictory resident-rate regulations in place. This has created a messy patchwork of inconsistent laws across the 55 states and territories making it difficult and confusing for students to know how much they will pay for tuition and results in inequitable treatment of a federal tuition benefit. SVA is working toward a bipartisan legislative fix that would ensure all military-connected students have access to the same in-state tuition benefit regardless of when and where they choose to attend school keeping in-line with the lifelong benefit of service 2017’s Forever GI Bill ensured.